Cornea and Contact Lens Department

Cornea and Contact Lens Department

Cornea & Contact Lens Cornea and Contact Lens Department

Department of Cornea and Contact Lens has 3 full time senior surgeons with combined experience of over 35 years.


Cornea department of Sankar Foundation Eye Institute, established in 2004 and presently headed by Dr.Nasrin, DO,DNB,FICS, leading taem Dr.Rashmi Rath MS,FICS, Dr.Praneeth Putti. MS,FICS, assisted by experienced paramedical and admin staff. It serves a large number of patients with corneal and ocular surface disorders from all over North Andhra and Odisha. The departments are well equipped with instrumentation and technology to provide state-of-the-art care for patients suffering from a wide variety of corneal disorders and is dedicated to excellence in medical and surgical care covering the complete spectrum of conditions involving the cornea and other structures at the front of the eye, including allergies, degenerations, dystrophies, infections, corneal swelling, dry eyes, and trauma.

The departments have an elaborate academic and surgical training programme for fellows in cornea and external eye diseases. Research programme encompasses both basic and clinical work involving corneal diseases and transplantation. In a year, about 20,000-25,000 outpatients are seen and about 1,000 + surgeries are performed in the department.


Sankar Foundation’s Department of Corneal and Contact Lens : Surgeries from 2004 to 31 March, 2018
















2018 Till 31 March

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Clinical Services

The department caters to the efficient diagnosis and management of a wide range of diseases:

  • Congential and hereditary corneal disorders
  • Corneal and scleral infections
  • Refractive errors are treated with glasses, contact lenses, PRK and Phakic IOL.
  • Ectatic corneal disorders – Keratoconus, Terriens marginal degeneration, Pellucid Marginal degeneration
  • Immunologic disorders of cornea
  • Peripheral ulcerative keratitis
  • Ocular surface disorders including severe dry eye, blepharitis, ocular allergies, chemical injuries, Stevens Johnson syndrome and ocular surface tumors
Investigations and Diagnostic Services
  1. SIRIUS TOPOGRAPH - Evaluates shape and power of the corneal surface. The SIRIUS TOPOGRAPH , based on the excellent combination of rotating Scheimpflug camera and Placido disk, is a high precision system for the three dimensional analysis of both the cornea and the anterior segment. Merging data from Placido’s reconstruction to the one by Scheimpflug images (taken at the same time by 2 different cameras) Sirius is able to obtain the accurate measurement of elevations, curvature, power and thickness for the whole cornea.
  2. Confocal Microscopy: Live microscopic imaging of corneal disorders
  3. Pachymetry - Measurement of corneal thickness using ultrasound
  4. Aberrometry – ( I-Trace Aberrometer, Allegro Analyser) Measures the optical aberrations of the eye
  5. Keratograph: Invaluable tool in dry eye work up , meibography
  6. Tear Osmolarity: Measures tear osmolarity helping detect dry eye
  7. Anterior segment digital photography – Photographic documentation of various corneal conditions for baseline documentation, and monitoring effects of therapy as well as to monitor progression of the disease in any ectatic disorder.
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