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Sankar Foundation ‘ Reaches out to the most remote corners and touches the lives of people below poverty line, by gifting them with the most precious gift of vision. ’

Sankar Foundation reaches out to the masses by organizing a wide array of programmes conducted in 4 different domains of :

  • Providing Education to future generation eye doctors to expand the services of foundation.
  • Treating the patients who are in need at community level but not able to reach out to avail quality treatment due to their presence in remote location by conducting awareness camps, remote eye treatment camps.
  • Catering even to paid patients with quality care of global standards, as the money from these patients is used for the benefit of treating the poor and needy patients unable to afford quality medical care.
  • Spreading awareness about eye care and blindness and educating teachers and social workers at community level for the development of community, by organizing school awareness camps and Anganwadi programmes.

A vision to serve the community in the future coupled with a substantial extension of services ‘Sankar Foundation’ needs the helping hands and assistance from philanthropic individuals of the society, both economically and physically in the form of volunteers .

Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital
  • Major reach out program is implemented by Sankar Foundation, Visakhapatnam
  • Annually 12,000 surgeries are performed to rural and tribal population.
  • Coastal districts of AP is influxed with high prevalence of eye problems.
  • Women have high prevalence due to social neglect and access issues.

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