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Sankar Foundation ‘Reaches out to the most remote areas to Gift Vision’Coastal districts of AP, Odissha is inundated with high prevalence of curable eye problems.
Women have high prevalence due to social neglect and inaccessability to eye Institutes.

Our Sankar Foundation has seriously taken the community ophthalmology advancement into three tier levels to provide 'The Gift of Sight', namely: -

  1. Sankar Foundation Eye Institute : Our Foundation has constructed the state-of-the-art modern 200 bedded eye Institute with one lakh Square feet G+4 building on this land and procured all major equipment (Bio Medical Equipment), started operation of this new premises from March 29th 2008. This institution has full-fledged super-specialty clinics, including, Anterior Segment and Posterior segment,Vitreo-Retinal Services, Cornea, Glaucoma, Paediatric Ophthalmology, and Orbit and Oculoplasty, manned by highly-qualified 18 specialists with a combined experience of over 228 years. These full time medical staff is assisted by 189 full time staff and has an experience of treating over 19,14,027 as out-patients and performed over 2,78,472 eye surgeries as inpatients from 2ndJune 1997 to 31st March.2018. It is fully equipped with the State-of-art equipment.

    We are catering to affordable eye patients with world-class eye care, and we cross-subsidies the margins from these paid patients for the benefit of free eye treatment of the poor and the needy.

    Every year, we conduct close to 11, 000 surgeries to the rural and tribal poor elderly totally free of cost, done with the support of Good Samaritans like yours.

    Right from conducting the camp in their village, transporting them to the base Institute, providing quality eye surgery, stay & food for two and a half day, transporting them back to the village, follow up to 45 days and spectacles – everything is provided totally free of cost to these patients.

    Free Food for Vision
    SFEH.Flow-diagram of Free Eye Care in Rural and Tribal Areas

    Figures as on 30 Sep 2018
    Total Out Patinets 16,85,329
    Total surgeries performed 2,86,079
    Free surgeries done to the Below Poverty Line people 2,22,039
    % of free surgeries done to the Below Poverty Line people 77 %
    Women beneficiary 52 %
    Door to Door Eye Care Survey in slums

    Thus, we assist the old people to see good sight again and they can see their grandchildren, kith and kin again, these are a source of unadulterated joy for you and me. These beneficiary have regained good vision, a freedom to move, reemployment, self-esteem and dignity.

    Curing of childhood blindness is one of the priorities of Sankar Foundation Eye Institute. There are several reasons for this.

    School Children Eye Examination is in Progress
    Catch eye ailments early in Government schools.

    Firstly, the children who are born blind or who become blind during childhood have much more numb of blind years than an adult who becomes blind later on. Secondly, many of the causes of blindness in children are either preventable or treatable. Uncorrected vision problems in children can worsen over time and result in permanent loss of vision. Thirdly, many of the causes of childhood blindness are also associated with child mortality (e.g. premature birth, measles, congenital rubella, vitamin A deficiency, and meningitis). This timely detection of these conditions can contribute to higher chances of child survival. A lot of children belonging to the Below Poverty Line are coming to study in Government schools/ Anganwadis . These children are suffering from various curable eye diseases. They are poor, they do not have access to check their eye - vision test. They are unable to buy spectacles, eye medicine and treatment.

    Hence, our Sankar Foundation Eye Institute has created a precious pediatric eye care equipment worth of Rs.2 Crores at our main Institute and we are having full time Pediatric Ophthalmic Surgeon assisted by team of Pediatric Optometrist, Nursing staff and Social Workers. Besides this, 15 full time other Ophthalmic Surgeons including Glaucoma, Retina, Cornea, Orbit, General Ophthalmology and a total of 189 full time staff(paramedics and supporting) are available here.

    In the Comprehensive Child Eye Care Project, we provide the following services to children with sponsor banner :

    1. We catch children teachers as the first level vision screeners (Teachers training in vision screening ) , then Refractionist do the Eye check-up of each child in school premises.
    2. Distribution of Spectacles made of Resilens fitted with the choice of 15 Polyamide Carbon Frames to the Students identified as having Defective Vision.
    3. Provision of Medicines (includes Eye Ointments: Tobramycin, Moxicip; Eye Drops: Ciprofloxacin, Gatifloxacin, Ketorolac, Addtears, Moisol, Cyclopentolate).
    4. Supply Vitamin A & D Capsules to all the primary children; B-Complex- tab
    5. Referral services at our base Institute with a full time Paediatric Ophthalmic Surgeon and we perform Cataract and Retinal Surgeries to children at our base Institute.
    SFEH. Flow-diagram of Free Eye Care in Government Schools.
    No of School Screening camps done in Government and Semi Government schools 1,177
    No. of children screened in Government and Semi Government schools 2,67,958
    Spectacles given to children studying in Government institutions 6,696
    % of free surgeries done to the Below Poverty Line people 77 %
    Women beneficiary 52 %

    Thus, we assure a Bright future for thousands of children every year with the support of wel-wishers like you.

  2. Medical Education and Paramedical Education in Ophthalmology : Our Sankar Foundation Eye Institute offering 7 Long Term Fellowship: duration 24 to 30 months. Short term Fellowship. Our institute is accredited by the National Board of Examinations to offer a 3-year training programme leading to DNB in Ophthalmology.

    No of DNBs Granted Per Year 2
    No of DNBs trained till 31st March 2018 13
    No of Fellowships till 1st March 2018 33
    NPCB Training till 31st March 2018 64

    SFEH conducts Diploma Course in Ophthalmic Assistant (DOA) for 30 students and Diploma Course in Ophthalmic Technician (DOM) recognized by Para Medical Board, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

  3. Sankar Foundation Research Institute : Striving to develop new therapeutic agents through innovative techniques to reduce the cost and increase the affordability, quality of health care to the common man and make the Sankar Foundation Eye Institute a premier eye care center through strong research support.

    Rural / Tribal Area Free Eye Camp Photos :
    Propaganda of Free Eye Camps in Villages.

    Smiling faces of post-operative beneficiary. They are transported at their village free of cost.

    Spectacles are given to camp patients ,six weeks after the surgery.

    Comprehensive Child Eye Care Project Pics :

    Delights Your Child's Ophthalmologists Needs