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Sankar Foundation is one such dedicated team working 24/7 with a Purpose and a Goal to eradicate blindness completely

Losing one of your senses is a frightening prospect for most people, but for many people, it is an unfortunate reality.Millions of people in Andhra , Odissa face the prospect of irreversible changes to their ability to see the world around them.


The most common causes of visual impairment globally are uncorrected refractive errors (43%), cataracts (33%), and glaucoma (2%). Refractive errors include near sighted, far sighted, presbyopia, and astigmatism.Cataracts are the most common cause of blindness. Other disorders that may cause visual problems include age related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, corneal clouding, childhood blindness, and a number of infections. Visual impairment can also be caused by problems in the braindue to stroke, premature birth, or trauma among others. These cases are known as cortical visual impairment. Screening for vision problems in children may improve future vision and educational achievement.Screening adults without symptoms is of uncertain benefit. Diagnosis is by an eye exam.

Sankar Foundation also faces many hurdles in its noble vision which can be crossed with selfless economical support from philanthropic individuals of society who have the same dream

The contribution from such individuals goes a long way to ‘Gift vision to the community’. If interested to donate in any form please check the form below am to serve back the community which has been the reason to their success.

The vision of the organization is supported by help obtained from Donors and philanthropists to provide quality eye care and ‘reach out to the unreachable

S.No Nature of Support for the Needy People Amount(Rs)
1 Vision care for children 75,000
2 Gift of vision to needy in tribal area 30,000
3 Gift of spectacles 27,500
4 Gift of vision to needy in village 25,000
5 Food for the needy patient 10,000
6 Care for the eyes of diabetic patient 10,000
7 Operation to recover vision 3,500

Please select the type of donation

You can donate by Cheque or Online :
Note : Donors are requested to intimate us their PAN No as it is mandatory by Department of Income Tax.
Donors within India may kindly send to
Name Sankar Foundation
A/c no 557010100025674
IFS Code UTIB0000557
MICR Code 530211004
Donors from abroad may kindly send to
Name Sankar Foundation
FCRA A/c No 333011002295
IFSC Code KKBK0007702
Swift code KKBKINBBXXX (FX Transfer / Wire Transfer)
Our Key Donors
Organization NameType of SupportYear of SupportTotal
CBM International Community Eye Care Project and Ophthalmic Equipment/ Free Transport Vehicle2000- 20194,46,16,899
Sight Savers International (SSI) Equipment / Paediatric Eye Care Project / DR Project2000-20193,52,97,160
Visakhapatnam Steel PlantConstruction of OT Complex2007-20083,00,00,000
Standard Chartered Bank Building Fund 2006-20072,26,80,000
INOX GroupCommunity Eye Care Project& infrastructure (free Cataract Surgeries)2013-20192,25,00,000
Sri Sai TrustCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2009-201973,50,000
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation LtdInfrastructure and Equipment2008-201163,46,651
Bharat Heavy Electrical LimitedOrbit & Ophthalmic Project (performance of 300 Orbital Surgeries)2012-201450,00,000
Open Logix Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Community Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2009-201845,22,971
Visakhapatnam Port TrustConstruction of Free Patient Ward2006-200745,00,000
Steel Authority of India LimitedBuilding Fund2007-200845,00,000
Volkart Foundation Infrastructure and Community Eye Care Project 2007-200841,00,000
ESSAR Steel India LimitedCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries in tribal belt of Andhra, Odisha & Chhattisgarh)2013-201436,64,056
Essel Group of CompaniesInfrastructure development and Community Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2012-201636,00,000
NPCB- National Program of Control of BlindnessInfrastructure Development Fund2007-200930,00,000
GMR Varalaxmi FoundationConstruction of ward Space2007-200827,00,000
Power Grid CorporationBuilding Fund2007-200825,00,000
LIC Golden Jubilee FoundationConstruction of Free Ward Space2007-201025,00,000
Dr. T.Subbarami Reddy, MP LadsCanteen Equipment and Building fund2008-201025,00,000
State Bank of IndiaOphthalmology Equipment2010-201323,67,400
Gas Authority of India LimitedEquipment, Lift & Ambulance2009-201323,61,000
Andhra Pradesh Right to Sight SocietyCommunity Eye Care Project in Tribal areas2008-201221,11,820
South Asia LPG Company Pvt LtdCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2017-201817,50,000
Life Insurance Corporation of IndiaInfrastructure development2007-200815,00,000
State Bank of HyderabadFree Transport Vehicles2008-201214,02,900
MVN Setty Memorial FoundationConstruction2000-200512,50,000
Shasun PharmaceuticalsCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2012-201412,50,000
TANA FoundationCommunity Eye Care Project (Cataract Surgical Support)2012-201312,06,343
Sai PathamDonation for camps & Surgeries2008-201812,01,384
Gas Authority of India LimitedCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries),2009-201311,32,000
Associated Charitable TrustInfrastructure Development2007-200810,00,000
National Thermal Power CorporationCommunity Eye Care Project2009-20189,51,559
Eco MitraCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2017-20188,50,000
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation LimitedCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2013-20167,00,000
A.Prasanna KumarCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2013-20186,11,000
Trimax Sands Pvt LtdCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2012-20135,31,817
Help Age IndiaConstruction2004-20095,20,000
Ram Ratna Group of CompaniesCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2012-20135,00,000
Utkal Aluminum International LtdCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries in Odisha)2014-20154,60,855
Nekkanti Seafoods ltdLibrary development2011-20124,00,000
Mylan LabsCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2017-183,74,390
Dr Reddy LaboratoryCommunity Eye Care Project (School Screening Project)2013-20143,63,775
Sri Sri Manidweep TradersAnnadanam2013-20183,60,000
Maruti TrustCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2013-20183,50,000
Kanaka Maha Lakshmi Co-operative Bank, VisakhapatnamCommunity Eye Care Project( Free cataract surgeries) 2018-20193,50,000
Larsen & TubroCommunity Eye Care Project (School screening Project)2016-20183,35,250
Ganti Mahapatroni ganapathi SastryCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2013-20183,00,000
Minerals & Metal Trading CorporationInfrastructure development2007-20082,99,650
Indian oil CorporationCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2013-20142,78,438
East India Petroleum Pvt ltdCommunity Eye Care Project (School Screening Project)2017-20192,70,342
Srivathsasa Charitable TrustCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2012-20142,50,000
Appaswamy AssociatesCommunity Eye Care Project 2017-20182,50,000
Club 62 Welfare AssociationCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2014-20152,25,000
VRS Optee Officers Association - SBICommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2014-20152,12,616
Samudra SoftwareCommunity Eye Care Project2010-20122,00,000
Sri Prasad Narasimha AyyagariCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2014-20152,00,000
MP EEH & MW TrustCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2009-20131,90,000
E.Pydi raju & AnnapurnaCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2014-20151,50,000
B.V.D.NarayanaraoCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2017-20181,50,000
Dr.K.VenkateswaruluCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2014-20151,20,000
I MissionCommunity Eye Care Project (Free Cataract Surgeries)2017-20181,17,500
Nemani Ramalingeswara SarmaCommunity Eye Care Project (School Screening project)2018-20191,00,001
J TechnologiesCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2014-20151,00,000
Dr.S.M.L.safiual BariCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2014-20151,00,000
BVR Prasad Rao Community Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2016-20171,00,000
Dr.Y.V.S.Murthy Charitable trustCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2017-20181,00,000
V.Chitti SeshuEquipment2018-20191,00,000
Jindal Aluminium ltdCommunity Eye Care Project (free Cataract Surgeries)2013-201675,000
SK MurthyCommunity Eye Care Project ( Free cataract surgeries)2018-201970,000
Community Ophthalmology Supported By CSR Activity

Prior announcement about camp in surrounding villages

Inauguration of Camp

Registration process at the camp site

Villagers waiting for their turn at the screening camp

An Ophthalmic Assistant conducting a vision test

An ophthalmologist conducting a slit lamp examination at the camp

Staff nurse recording the BP and Lacrimal Passage details

Checking Sugar levels in Urine

Camp Organizer explaining the process to patients selected for surgery

Patients requiring surgery being picked up at their village to the Main Hospital

Registration of selected Camp Patients at the Main Hospital

A technician conducting the IOL power calculation at the Main Hospital

A Physician examining the patient before surgery

Fundus examination being conducting by an ophthalmologist

Local Anesthesia in the Block Room

Surgery under progress at the state-of-the-art operation theatre

Nutritious food to all the camp patients for 3 days (Free of cost)

Spacious and well-ventilated wards

Post-operative evaluation being conducted by an Ophthalmologist

Medicines being given to patients

Post Operative Counseling

Dropping to their village after surgery

Smiling faces of patients discharged speak volumes. They are dropped at their doorstep free of cost

Spectacles are given to camp patients six weeks after the surgery.