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Our Eye Institute is operated by 15 highly-qualified specialists with a combined experience of over 228 years.

Sankar Foundation Eye Institute has an experience of treating over 19,14,027 as out-patients and performed over 2,78,472 eye surgeries as in-patients from 2nd June 1997 to 31st March 2018. (At base Institute 16,46,795 number of out patients treated, and 2,67,232 children were screened for eye problems in schools, Anganwadis, and Special Schools-physically challenging schools).

This expertise ensures complete and comprehensive care of your eyes.

Performance of Sankar Foundation Eye Institute  from 2nd June,1997 to 31st March,2018
Year SICS ECCE Phaco Retina Squint Glaucoma Paediatric Cornea Others Orbit Total Out Patients
Grand Total 217059 5637 28591 6361 500 5534 1841 6117 4331 2501 278472 16,46,795

The following pie charts depicts the performance of departments wise eye surgeries performed in our eye institute:

Appointment information:
800 822 2461, 912 100 5733, 915 476 1794, 912 100 5733, 0891-289 1100 / 11

In General Ophthalmology, patient’s eyes are thoroughly screened by Optometrists and then by Specialist Doctor. Once an overall examination is done, those requiring correction for refractive error will be prescribed spectacles and those require cataract surgery are counselled for surgery. General Ophthalmology service is an opportunity for our specialists to make a full assessment and decide on the best treatment for the patient. In case the patient required further investigations from any other specialty, will be referred to the specialty, like Retina, Cornea, orbit, Glaucoma, etc.

For urgent treatment, sight-threatening problems and for issues that cannot wait for a routine appointment with your Ophthalmologist, you can come directly to any one of our Institutes in the list: Click Here

For Eye Emergencies, 24 /7, reach our Main Institute at Door No. 19-50, Sai Madhava Nagar, Naiduthota, Vepagunta, Visakhapatnam - 530 047.
Our Main Institute General Working Hours: Monday to Saturday and from 9 am to 5 pm, except on public holiday.

You can also get information from our telephone helpline Phone number: 800 822 2461, 912 100 5733, 915 476 1794, 912 100 5733, 0891-289 1100 / 11

At busy times, we might not be able to answer your call straight away - Please bear with us and call back a little later if this happens.

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