Maka Ganga Nageswara Rao

Maka Ganga Nageswara Rao

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Maka Ganga Nageswara Rao, hails from Chillangi Village of East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. As a 13 old kid, Maka was very fond of eating sugar cane. During one such expedition when he was out to enjoy eating sugar cane, the cane accidentally struck his right eye. The eye became red and painful and a Corneal Ulcer developed. He went to several primary and secondary care government hospitals for treatment. He did not receive much hope regarding restoration of vision to his eye. Fed up with moving around without any results, he stopped going anywhere and decided to live with the problem.

After 17 long years by which time Maka had completely given up any hope about his eye, he was prompted by some friends to go to a camp organised by Sankar Foundation in April, 2010 at Kirlampudi. He was referred to the base hospital and he promptly came to the hospital at Visakhapatnam. After thorough evaluation by Ophthalmologists at Sankar Foundation, he was diagnosed as having Adherent Leukoma with Cataract in Right Eye. A Penetrating Keratoplasty along with IOL implantation surgery was planned. After thorough counselling, Dr. Nasrin has successfully performed this difficult and rare surgery on the 5th of May, 2010.

After the surgery, Maka was a ‘visibly’ happy man as there was a perceptible improvement in his vision. It was a long delayed but ‘ sweet ’ recovery for him. When he was explained by the Counsellors of the Foundation that the surgery was possible because somebody has donated his eyes, Maka felt very touched. He promised himself and to Sankar Foundation that he will actively propagate the idea of ‘Eye Donation’ so that more people like him who are suffering from avoidable Corneal blindness can benefit and lead a happy life.

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