Nimmamana Venkata Rao

Nimmamana Venkata Rao

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Nimmamana Venkata Rao is an 18 year old boy and is full of hope today. His parents are weavers in a small village in Srikakulam District. Venkata Rao has two younger siblings and his parents struggled to make both ends meet with their income of Rs.2000/- per month.

When Venkata Rao was 5 years old, his parents observed that he was groping in the evenings and they took him to an eye doctor in Sompet. After 2 years without much result, he was taken to another eye hospital in Visakhapatnam and continued treatment for another 2 years. Unfortunately, there was no improvement and the hapless parents were very much worried about his future. After some years, one of their neighbours advised them to go to Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital who were providing good service to poor patients. Immediately, Venkata Rao was taken to the hospital at Visakhapatnam. He was admitted under the Aarogyasri Scheme of Government of Andhra Pradesh and after a thorough diagnosis he was detected with the Retinal Detachment in his Left Eye. A procedure called SCLERAL BUCKLING was performed free of cost for him on 3rd May, 2010. The operation went on successfully and Venkata Rao and his parents were extremely happy not only with the treatment but also with the care and affection shown by the doctors and the staff of Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital.

Now, Venkata Rao’s vision has improved and he is expected to improve further in the next one month. He is full of hope on making it big in the future.

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