Nithin Sai

Nithin Sai

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Sattibabu and Lakshmi were devastated when told that their 3-month-old son, Nithin Sai, was born with cataract in both eyes. Sattibabu’s job as an agricultural laborer severely limited his options for medical care, but through Dr.K.L.Naidu of Srikakulam, he learnt about the Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital’s free eye care services. When they were told that the child required surgery to regain eyesight, the couple was afraid, having lost a son to an accident in the past. The resident counselor carefully listened to their fears and gave them confidence. A dedicated department for pediatric ophthalmology along with highly abled specialized doctors operated on the child successfully. Today, Nithin Sai is a healthy child, and his parents joyous that their child can have a future as bright as any.

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