Pediatric Eye Screening Camps

Pediatric Eye Screening Camps

Community Eye Care ActivitiesPediatric Eye Screening Camps

Delights Your Child's Ophthalmologists Needs

These are Eye Screening Camps organized at village/Mandal levels to screen and identify children from months babies to 15 years with various eye diseases.

Our Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital has created a precious pediatric eye care equipment worth of Rs.2 Crores at our main hospital and we are having full-time Pediatric Ophthalmic Surgeon assisted by a team of Pediatric Optometrist, Nursing staff and Social Workers.

A large-scale effort that calls out the active involvement of corporates, Donors and Philanthropists for helping the children to check eyes by Pediatric Ophthalmologist at our Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital,-Main, Naidu Thota, Visakhapatnam.

For more information, please call us at 9059820135, 9121005933, 9885621736, 8309844297.