Screening camp at Malkapuram

Screening camp at Malkapuram

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HPCL conducted a screening camp at Malkapuram Govt., High School on 20th of this month under the supervision of Executive Director of HPCL & their dynamic team. This timely intervention saved the precious eyes of a student named Mr. P. Aditya, studying in 7th standard and hailing from a poor family with unstable financial conditions, he could not undergo Eye Exam due to poverty. Identified with blurry vision in the camp conducted by Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital Vizag and hindering his regular activities of reading & writing, he was given spectacles after an eye test thus preventing his eyes from getting further deteriorated.

HPCL in an effort to help economically weaker sections of the society conducted a Eye Screening camp at Malkapuram Govt., High School on 4/20/2018. This timely gesture of GoodWill saved the eyes of an 8th std student Shazia with total BlurredVision. Diagnosed with a progressing condition and not even able to recognize people was unable to afford even a basic eye test. The free screening camp conducted by SankarFoundation Eye Hospital Vizag provided her spectacles enabling her to read and write efficiently and even to recognize people. This act of generosity from HPCL & Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital brought a fresh lease of life for Shazia, and made her extremely happy.

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