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“I came to Sankar Foundation expecting a negative answer for my problem as I have been receiving from other hospitals, but to my surprise I was told that my problem could be solved. This was a very happy moment for me. Both my eyes are not in proper alignment and I cannot see with my left eye since birth. I understand that vision in my left eye cannot be restored but I wanted proper alignment of my eyes, which was being denied to me at other hospitals. I was extremely happy when at Sankar Foundation the Doctor assured me of the wanted results. I am thankful to my sister who insisted on visiting Sankar Foundation when I was not showing the same interest as many time before doctors were unable to help.

Finally the much awaited day of my life- surgery day had come. There were mixed feelings within me. I was happy, scared, worried, excited………oh it was too much for me. Though I was counseled well before the surgery and the Doctor assured me of a positive result, I had butterflies in my tummy. I was also worried about the pain I might have to bear during the surgery. Again to my surprise, there was no pain at all. The surgery was over and I did not realize the same. My family members had come to see me. They tell me that they can see the change. I cannot wait to see myself…”

Immediately Sunita looks at the mirror. She was very happy and had tears in her eyes.

She underwent a successful Oculoplasty surgery on 30th December 2009 and can now welcome the New Year with a new look.

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