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 Its my privilege to visit such an August Institution devoted purely to serve the needy. Mr.Sankar Rao, the founder is an inspiring man to many a youngsters in the North Coastal Andhra, also congratulate Mr. Arun CEO of the organisation & the team of Doctors for dedicating their valuable careers & time to the institution.  

– C.V.Pavana Kumar

Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax, Visakhapatnam
23rd Mar 2010

 An Institution of excellence carrying charity on such a magnitude without compromising on quality is a rarity. Here is one Kudos to founders, Doctors & Managers. I cherish this visit and wish a very very bright role for this institution in the years to come.  

– Ajay Kallam

Chairman, Visakhapatnam Port Trust
28th Feb 2010

 Sankar Foundation is doing wonderful work with the needy especially to the tribals. Please keep it up and all the best.  

– K.V.Gupta

Vitol Charitable Foundation
28th Feb 2010

 In deep admiration & humble gratitude to the Sankar Foundation & especially to Mr.Sankar & Arun for making my visit such a memorable and vivid experience. I hope Vitol can continue to support your work for many years.  

– Clare Homfray

Vitol Charitable Foundation
4th Feb 2010