Home Testimonials

 It is a pleasure to be here- you are doing wonderful work that is much needed.  

– Sir John Major

former Prime Minister, Great Britain
9th March 2005

 A great privilege to be here. A very special place  

– Mervyn Davies

Group Chief Executive, Standard Chartered Plc
9th March 2005

 A Great day for Sankar Foundation. Wish you continued success with your goals. You can make a difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands.  

– Gullpalli N Rao

Chairman, IAPB
9th March 2005

 It has been a pleasure coming to the Sankar Foundation and actually seeing the work being done by the institution in rendering service to the poor. The facilities and building have an excellent ambiance and the patients go back home in a delightful state. The techniques of counseling also appear unique and are landable. I appreciate the efforts of Shri A Sankar Rao & his team for attempting to bring about a silent revolution in “Eye Care”. I wish them success and good luck in their endeavors.  

– N.S.Narayana Rao

DGM, SBI, Visakhapatnam
17th April 2010

 I am very much impressed by the way you are managing Sankar Foundation. The Hospitals is in right hands  

– S K Murthy